Professor Nancy Henry Named NEH Fellow

N-Henry-re2-resizeProfessor Henry was awarded a research fellowship for the 2014-2015 academic year by the National Endowment for the Humanities in order to complete her book project, Women and the Nineteenth-Century Cultures of Investment.

Henry’s book, she writes, “defines the cultures that emerged in response to the democratization of the stock market in nineteenth-century Britain when investing provided legal access to financial independence. Women voted in shareholder meetings, as they could not in political elections, and their experiences as investors complicate notions of separate domestic and public spheres. In fact, women writers often invested income from their writing, becoming contributors to national and global economies. In fiction, Victorian novels represent those economic networks in realistic detail and are preoccupied with the intertwined economic and affective lives of characters. Analyzing evidence about real investors together with a wide range of fictional examples, I argue that investing was not just something women did in Victorian Britain; it was a distinctly modern way of thinking about independence, risk, global communities and the future in general.”

Professor Henry had this to say to Tennessee Today: “I am honored to receive the NEH fellowship, which will enable me to complete a book project I have been developing over the past several years. I am grateful to the UT English department for its support of my research and to the university for its support of humanities.”