Kim Marra (University of Iowa) visits UT Friday, April 4th

English Marra Lecture PosterKim Marra, Professor of Theatre Arts and American Studies, will give a talk titled, “Riding the Nineteenth Century: Théâtre Equestre Zingaro’s Historical Performances” on Friday, April 4th at 3:30 in 1210 McClung Tower.

Along with her expertise as a performance historian, Marra draws on her training and experience of riding in the cavalry-derived sport of Three-Day Eventing (or equestrian triathlon) to examine how the internationally influential work of the French equestrian theatre troupe, Théâtre Equestre Zingaro offers a unique window into cross-species relations in the nineteenth-century. Founded in 1984 by its guru-like artistic director, who goes by the single name Bartabas, the company of horses and humans eschews modern conveniences and lives and performs on a compound in simulated circumstances of the Romantic era when horses reigned in the circus before wild beast acts began to predominate. Marra’s analysis considers Zingaro’s lifestyle and performance process reveals about the ways equines intensified and complicated gender, sexual, racial, and class dynamics among humans in this horse-powered era. Her project raises provocative questions about using embodied and affective knowledge as well as more traditional scholarly and archival methods of researching the nineteenth century.

This event is free and open to the public. Come one, Come all!


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